Ultimate Horse Fence

This is a fence specification we have worked to develop in conjunction with a number of leading equestrian businesses and key suppliers of component materials.


This uses a specialist horse safe netting with only a 50mm hole making the wire safe for even the smallest of horses & ponies etc. With the non-slip knot that has no sharp edges, the integrity of the wire holes is assured over time and no nicks and cuts are picked up that can be from other similar stock wires.


The height of the fence is 1.4m. Not so high that it looks like a prison, but enough to deter more of the jumping and chewing that occurs with standard 1.1m – 1.2m fences.


The gates are custom made with heavy duty top rails and stiles to maintain shape for longer, they are also made to match the fence 1.4m height. These are clad with the same stock wire with an undergate tensioning strand to prevent any danger of legs getting caught in gates.

Gateways are dug out and a new hardstanding laid, this is either planings or type 1 over a crushed concrete and membrane base – no more muddy gateways in the winter !


The rails on this fence are our oversized half round rails. These can be varied to include top boards, 4x2 rails or a combination of these. For environments open to the public to view the horses, we have also fitted bottom rails to prevent the wire being damaged by kids standing on the lower strands.


All the posts are also oversized to make the 1.4m height and still be stable, but also to give greater purchase and contact for the rails – this reduces the peeling and separating that can occur with thinner post sections.


The fence is topped off with our longer life electric rope on offset insulators to prevent chewing and rubbing on the fence.


Troughs are plastic fast fill with easy access to the ball valves, or galvanised steel and laid on a level concrete slab and surrounded by a hardstanding of either planings or type 1 over a crushed concrete and membrane base – no more wonky & leaking troughs surrounded by muddy areas.


Before the new fencing is installed, there is the option to have the fields sprayed for weeds, topped and collected. Then mole drained if necessary to improve drainage, water pipe moled in if required, hedges flailed back and any uneven areas levelled and re seeded. All exercises that are far cheaper and more effective whilst the fences are down.


If you are interested in a professional, long lasting Ultimate Horse Fence customised if necessary to your requirements, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.