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Cleft Post & Rails - We offer Cleft Chestnut or Oak Post & Rail in 2 and 3-rail options, with cleft or sawn posts double morticed.
Ideal For Agricultural & Rural Environments
A long lasting & versatile solution
Cleft chestnut fencing is a traditional form of fencing that is popular in rural areas & country gardens.
Produced from locally sourced sweet chestnut, mortised and with rails that are split rather than sawn, each piece of fencing is unique & has natural character.
Post and Rail fencing is known for its rustic, natural appearance, perfect for areas where subtlety is essential.
If necessary, the discreet addition of stock wire or rabbit netting means that your Post and Rail fencing will also contain pets.
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Cleft Chestnut Split Post Fencing
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  • Aesthetic Appeal:
    Cleft chestnut fencing offers a unique & attractive rustic appearance that can complement any outdoor space. This style of fencing is popular because it's very natural looking and doesn't have the manmade feel that many other types of fencing have.
  • Long-lasting:
    The split wood used in cleft chestnut fencing is a native hardwood, durable & rot-resistant, providing a long-lasting fencing solution that doesn't ever need treating but typically has a 20-year plus-lifespan.
  • Environmentally-friendly:
    Cleft chestnut fencing is an eco-friendly option since it is locally sourced, has no treatment & few delivery miles.
  • Versatile:
    Cleft chestnut fencing can be used for various applications, including boundary fencing, agricultural fencing & garden fencing.
  • Low maintenance:
    Cleft chestnut fencing requires no maintenance; as a native hardwood, it will last for 20-plus years with no treatment.
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Unique Benefits & Potential Drawbacks
of Cleft Chestnut Fencing
  1. Sustainability: Cleft chestnut fencing is a sustainable option as it is made from natural materials that are renewable & biodegradable. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for those who are concerned about the impact of their fencing on the environment.
  2. Durability: Cleft chestnut fencing is highly durable & can last for many years. The natural split of the wood creates a rough surface that is resistant to weathering & rot.
  3. Aesthetics: Cleft chestnut fencing has a rustic & natural appearance that can add character & charm to any property. The natural variations in the wood give each piece of fencing its own unique character.
  4. Flexibility: Cleft chestnut fencing can be used in a variety of applications, including agricultural, residential & commercial. It can be used to enclose gardens, fields and livestock & can also be used as a decorative feature.
  1. Cost: Cleft chestnut fencing can be more expensive than other types of fencing due to the labour-intensive process of splitting the wood by hand. It's usually well worth the cost in the long run, but this is worth considering.
  2. Maintenance: While cleft chestnut fencing is durable, it still requires some maintenance to keep it in good condition.
  3. Installation: Installation of Cleft Chestnut fencing can be more complex & time-consuming than some other types of fences & benefits from professional installation.
Cleft Chestnut Split-Post Fencing

Cleft chestnut fencing is a traditional & versatile form of fencing that can add character & charm to any property. While it can be more expensive than other types of fencing, it is also highly durable & sustainable.
Cleft Chestnut Split Post fencing is versatile and suitable for various agricultural, residential & commercial applications. It is also a popular choice for those who value the natural beauty of wood. As an authority in the industry, we recommend cleft chestnut fencing for those who want a durable & sustainable fencing option with a unique natural appearance.