Undeniable Aesthetic Appeal
Durable & low maintenance. Picket fencing adds elegance to your property.
Undeniable Aesthetic Appeal
A popular choice for many homeowners
From the white-picket dreams of suburban homes to the elegant boundaries of English cottages, picket fencing has long been a symbol of charm, class & tradition.
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Our Solution
Picket Fencing
  • Aesthetic appeal
    Classic, charming appearance that proovides extra appeal to homes, gardens and outdoor spaces
  • Configurable options
    Different styles, sizes and colors, traditional picket, scalloped picket, spaced picket fencing, etc.
  • Low maintenance
    Picket fencing requires little upkeep. Easy to clean, paint and protect from the weather
  • Cost effective
    Excellent value for money with durable materials and minimal management
  • Eco friendly
    Eco friendly sustainable materials available: reclaimed wood and recycled plastic
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Suited to many outdoor settings.

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Unique Benefits & Potential Drawbacks
of Picket Fencing
  1. Aesthetic Appeal:: Picket fences can elevate the visual appeal of a property, giving it a classic, neat, and welcoming appearance.
  2. Visibility: While it effectively marks property boundaries, its spaced design ensures visibility, letting homeowners enjoy the view beyond their fence.
  3. Enhanced Security: While they may not be the tallest fences, picket fences can deter trespassers and keep pets and children within safe boundaries.
  4. Durability and Longevity: With proper care, especially when made of quality materials, picket fences can last for decades.
  5. Versatility: They can be painted or stained in various colours, allowing homeowners to customise the look according to their exterior home design.
  1. Maintenance: Wooden picket fences, in particular, require regular painting or staining to protect against rot, termites, and weathering.
  2. Limited privacy: The spaced design, while allowing visibility, also means limited privacy compared to solid fencing options.
  3. Cost: High-quality wood or vinyl picket fencing, coupled with installation, might be pricier than some alternative fencing options.
Picket Fencing

Picket fencing, with its classic charm and practical benefits, stands as a testament to timeless design and functionality. While its aesthetic allure can significantly enhance a property's curb appeal, potential drawbacks such as maintenance and cost must be factored into the decision-making process. Choosing the right fence for your home goes beyond mere functionality; it's about complimenting your home's character and catering to the specific needs of your property. Picket fencing offers a harmonious blend of both, seamlessly merging tradition with modern-day requirements. Our guide aims to shed light on the intricacies of picket fencing, ensuring you make a well-informed choice that resonates with your vision. Remember, in the realm of home improvement and design, every element speaks, and a fence is more than just a boundary - it's a statement.