Bespoke Animal Enclosures

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Combining our experience with a wide range of fencing and livestock management systems, we have been commissioned to supply a number of bespoke animal enclosures including:

  • Bank of ten custom made small animal enclosures for RSPCA Southridge. Each comprising of meshed panels with two pedestrian doorways and small animal hatch. All mounted 12mm off the ground to enable cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Bank of pig pens for Surrey Docks Farm. Each with custom made pig railings to provide maximum safety for both pigs contained and visiting public.
  • Viewing doors for livestock pens at Hayes Hill Open Farm. Custom made timber doors in galvanised steel frames with safety viewing glass panels to enable continued visibility of pigs, goats etc. without the risk of actual contact. Each pair of doors custom made to fit spaces between timber pillars of long standing barn structure.
  • Bird of prey aviaries
  • Wallaby enclosure
  • Rhea enclosure
  • Rabbit village
  • Meerkat enclosure


Meerkat Enclosure - Click HERE to see more


Aviaries - Click HERE to see more


Lemur Enclosure - Click HERE to see more