Lee Valley Farm Decking Project


If you have ever been to this fantastic facility, you will know that the upstairs viewing deck provides an awesome view of the start of the slalom course. With the café on hand, it’s a great place for lunch or just a quick coffee.


Over the few years it had been in place, the decking had become slippery in the winter and we won the contract to replace walkways and large sections with this special hardwood, resin impregnated decking sourced from a manufacturer in Cornwall.


With some of the cuts already made, the decking was delivered in packs – all 13 tonnes of it !




After removing over 6000 screws, the deck could be removed in sections and the framework repaired or replaced where necessary.


This type of decking frame sits on raised pedestals to enable airflow around the frame.


Each one of these had to be unscrewed, realigned with the new frame and reset.





The cutting of this decking is particularly difficult as the grip impregnated resin will blunt most blades in just a couple of cuts.

We found the best way was to use a double thickness diamond tipped stone cutting disc to cut the resin and then cut within this groove with a 52 tooth saw blade to get a nice clean finish.


The new decking was then cut and fitted back into place – refixing over 6000 new decking screws.

The finished effect is not only great to look at, it is safer and will last much longer being a quality hardwood.