Totem Poles - Cottons Park

This was a project to repair and extend the life of a set of 6 commemorative totem poles in Cottons Park, Havering. The poles had been suffering from woodworm attack and rotting at the base and if left would needed to have been removed completely to prevent the risk of falling. After establishing a safe working area we removed the poles at the base and cut away to worst affected areas. The poles were then treated with a fungal and woodworm treatment and a preservative applied. Custom new galvanised steel based were made to the customers specification and fitted with cross bolts to the base of each pole.  The existing concrete footings were substantial, but beneath the current soil level. These were exposed and extended to the current ground level and the new bases re fitted. The whole area was then top soiled and seeded and the security fencing removed.

Time to complete: 3 days