Electric Fencing for the Hertfordshire & Essex Areas

We offer a wide range of electric fencing which is ideal for providing safe and secure boundaries on your property in the Hertfordshire & Essex areas. Perfect for many types of animal control including cattle, horses, predator, poultry, sheep, pigs, goats and pets.

Permanent, semi-permanent and temporary fencing availablePost heights and wire spacing will be dependent on the type of animal control you require.

Below are just a few of the electric fencing products we offer. Please call 01992 578496 or fill out an enquiry form for assistance in selecting the best fencing option for your application.

Electric Fence 5
electric fence 6
rabbit net

Electric Netting - Range includes poultry net, goat net, sheep net, poultry netting kits & net posts.
Electro Tape

Electro-Tape - Please call for full range.
Electro Wire

Jumbo Electro-Wire.

Electro-Rope - Standard & Maxi.
3 electric fence

Fence Line Insulators & Offset Insulators - Please call for full range.

Battery Energisers - All with a 3 year guarantee.

Mains Energisers - Range of Rutland Energisers & Intelligiser