Ultimate Predator Fence

We were recently awarded a tender for the installation of a predator fence for an important RSPB site. The site is very wet, with some of the fence under water all year round.

Much of the fence is running through reed beds that were flailed in advance for access and once grown back will hide large sections of the fence from view.

Of the 61 strainer points around the fence line, only one had to have an external strut. This has been predator proofed with a rolling outer sleeve to prevent climbing.

Using our new Deltapost system with its 30 year warranty, we installed just over 3000m of this fence which has a buried fold at the base and netting on cranks at the top. The overall height being just over 2.2m.

Within the fence line are two weir and three ditch crossings as well as a number of vehicle and pedestrian gates. All finished with no holes bigger than approx. 80mm in the entire 8500m2 boundary.

This kind of predator fence with our 30 lifespan Deltaposts and water crossings has never been attempted before. We are proud to have been part of the design process, selected for the work and to have completed it without any major surprises. The whole install was completed in Dec 2019.