Palisade vs Mesh Fencing

Palisade fencing has always been a popular choice for those looking to secure their property, as it offers a long lasting solution ideal for businesses that want a physical and visible deterrent against intruders.

However, in recent years more and more businesses have raised issues with this type of fencing and are looking at a more secure and cost effective alternative.

To show how you can improve your security; and benefit from a better fencing system see the direct comparison between Palisade vs Mesh Fencing below.

So when you think about your next fencing system take a second to consider this, “just because we always have that style of fencing, does it offer the protection we need?” 

Palisade vs. Mesh Fencing



Mesh Fencing

  • Due to the thickness of the uprights, at a distance, visibility through the fence is poor offering reduced surveillance from neighbouring buildings and from security cameras.


  • Due to the construction of the mesh system it has high visibility through the fence offering enhanced surveillance from neighbouring buildings and from security cameras.
  • The uprights can be damaged or unscrewed to create an access point that can then be hidden by swinging it back into place with no fittings. In a recent test it took just 11.52 seconds for a Palisade Fence to be breeched with only 8 strikes from a hammer.


  • If the mesh is breached from a dedicated attack it will be noticed instantly on inspection and highlight that the property has come under an attack. In a recent test 165mm x 25mm using 6mm wire diameter Mesh Fencing couldn’t be breached and was awarded LPS1175 Cat 1.
  • Palisade can be climbed relatively easily by hooking a loop over the top of the upright and using the loop as a step up over the fence.


  • By having a flat top and smaller holes it is harder to climb a Mesh Fence, whilst not impossible, the construction reduces the ability to scale the fence.
  • The uprights can be prised apart with a car jack or a timber stave.


  • The Mesh is repeated across the attack face meaning it requires dedicated attack to open a breach.
  • Poor appearance.


  • Modern style and appearance.
  • Presents a poor image of the business and the area in general.


  • Presents a good image of the business and can be worked in with the surrounding landscape to enhance the area in general.
  • Ongoing high maintenance costs.


  • Ability to maintain and repair for a low cost.
  • Easily damaged, breached and generally needs more repairs than alternative products.


  • Difficult to damage, breach and needs minimal maintenance and repair work to be carried out over the life of the fence.
  • Installation time is intensive
  • Installation time is 40% quicker than Palisade