Wire pricing June 2016



Despite the global slump in steel prices, there seems to be a uniform increase in wire pricing coming over the next month or so. This looks like it will be coming for all manufacturers and includes stock wire, netting and mesh panelling, such as our V Mesh. It is forecast that this will be one of a number of increases. We are hoping these will reverse later this year / early next.


We are working hard to mitigate these increases, but if you will be needing any volumes of any of these products in the next 6-8 weeks, let us know and we will do our best to stock up / order for you and save you money.


Tornado’s price increase is effective on the 13th June, so effectively for all orders placed after Wednesday 8th June. We will be ordering as much stock as we can, but happy to add anything specific you may need.


The mesh panel fencing is another area at risk. We have agreed to purchase stocks of around £5000.00 in return for a fixed price over the next 6 months in order to keep your prices consistent. We hope the price increases will start to reverse by then.


Our position as a reseller of such materials is difficult during increases like this. Our indirect costs stay the same, whilst your prices potentially increase. So it is in our interest to do whatever we can to eliminate or mitigate the effects on your pricing. Forward ordering and paying for more stock, negotiating fixed pricing in return for large stock holdings are just part of what we are doing. If you can assist us by letting us know what you may need over the next few months, we will hopefully mitigate or cancel the effects completely and provide you with either better pricing or if you are a contractor, a competitive advantage.