Our Service Measurements

We are aware that what differentiates us from our competition is not only that we select the best quality product to stock, such as our Tornado wire, or our treated timber with its reliable guarantee, but also our service, convenience and the availability of the product when you need it.


So we can measure and continually improve in each of these areas, we have set ourselves some new targets and we will be sharing them each month as we progress.


The first is our delivery lead time. We know how important a fast delivery is and how frustrating it can be when you need materials for a planned start to a fencing project, or horse move to a field or stable, only to be told delivery is ‘two weeks’, regardless of your deadlines. We take pride in our flexibility to move and change deliveries wherever practical to accommodate delivery requests, but we have now also targeted ourselves to deliver all orders within an average of 5 working days.  The exceptions to this of course are special gates or feed barriers etc that we don’t stock and must custom order.


So, for the first two months of measuring, our delivery average for all deliveries excluding specials for September was 4.79 days and  for October 4.92 days. - In October we made over 120 deliveries on our own vehicles.