New Ranges Being Considered -Opinions?

With our remodeled shop and expanded yard we are considering a couple of new ranges and services. Your opinions would be appreciated.

1. The first isn't very exciting but could prove to be very useful:

We have sourced a competitive supply of Bulk bags of Ballast, Sand, Type 1 Crushed Concrete and are now able to hold this in our yard for collection & delivery.

2. Hire Services:

We have a varied range of items that we sell, but as these are not used too frequently by many customers we could allocate a range of these for hire and offer them to existing customers, for anything from a weekend up to month at a time.

This range would include -  Fox traps, Post Rammer, Shuv Holers, Generators, Pumps, Sprayers & Brooms, Wire Strainers & Clamps to name a few.

3. Timber Treatments:

As regular customers know we stock Creosote substitutes, Stud paints, Barn Black but we could also stock a range of fence paints such as Ronseals and Cuprinols.

4. Garden Play Equipment: 

Various items are being considered so contact us if you have any suggestions

Please let us know if you feel anything mentioned above would be useful for you locally.